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Seraph Rates does not sell mortgage loans. Our borrowers qualify for the lowest interest rate available to them. What Seraph Rates does sell is a mortgage lending experience that is superior to all others with a commitment to the following;  

  • Transparent Lending; Seraph Rates represents the borrower in all loan transactions and will present each borrower with the lowest mortgage rate they qualify for. We offer SAME-DAY loan approvals and issue Loan Estimates that include all associated closing fees within 24-48 hours of a completed loan application.


  • Exceptional Customer ServiceONE mortgage expert will work with you from loan application all the way to the funding of the transaction. Our clients have our attention and speak to human licensed mortgage professionals committed to closing loans.   


  • Seraph Rates is a Wholesale Mortgage Brokerage, This means we have business relationships with several banks and provide our clients access to hundreds of loan products. From elite interest rates only offered to borrowers with “A-Paper” credit or loan products created just for the borrower in need of credit repair. We close the hard loans and the easy loans all for the same low fee.


Start your Seraph Rates lending experience today by calling 831-402-2390.



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